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Amazon Web Services Serverless Practice


Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. By leveraging next-generation technologies, our agile, multi-disciplinary teams provide a combination of Product & Technology Strategies, Intelligent Experiences, and World-Class Engineering to help our clients become more engaging, responsive, and efficient.

Endava employs Serverless strategies to help customers build modern business solutions.
Serverless approaches allow for the building and running of applications without the need to set up or maintain infrastructure.

Serverless architectures allow for project acceleration, operations reduction, and cost optimisation.

Serverless encompasses services, practices, and strategies that enable organisations to build more agile applications allowing them to innovate and respond to change faster. 
With serverless computing, infrastructure management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching are handled by AWS, so project teams could focus only on writing code that serves their customers. 
Serverless services like AWS Lambda come with automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-value billing model.


A major UK insurance business wanted to achieve a higher degree of market responsiveness, gaining the ability to rapidly and continually release new features while retaining industry compliance and meeting the information security requirements expected by customers and regulators.

Endava improved their business agility through a combination of Serverless Cloud and CD & DevOps services

Using tools like Ansible, AWS CloudFormation and Lambda, Git and Docker integrated with Jenkins, we automated the platform unlocking the benefit of bringing repeatable builds to the entire technology stack and enabling continuous delivery.
Improving business agility through a combination of Cloud and CD & DevOps services

Success Story | Insurance

Improving business agility through a combination of Cloud and CD & DevOps services


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