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What is AI’s potential in banking and capital markets?


29 September 2022


Where can AI help banks and traders?
How is AI being used nowadays and where is the industry heading?
Will AI determine the unsafe usage of unstructured data?

Listen to Bradley Howard and seasoned experts Stephane Malrait MD Global Head of Market Structure and Innovation for Financial Markets at ING and Pierre  Kovacs,  Industry  Consultant  Banking  and  Capital  Markets take a closer look at how AI is shaping the banking industry.

…it's  still  under the  supervision  of  a  trader  on  the  desk.  So all the automations  that  we do there is  people  monitoring  it  in  real  time.  The  machine  is  never  alone  to  make  those  decision  and  to  manage.  There  is  always  supervision  on  top  of it. So I think we put a lot of  safeguards  to  make  sure  it  doesn't  go  crazy.  And  even  the  regulator,  as  I  say,  want  to  make  sure  that  all  the  algorithms  that  we  write  are  tested,  validated  review  approved  by the compliance officer,  the  risk  manager,  et  cetera.  So  there is a algo framework  model  that  is  used  by  every  bank  and  validated  by  regulators  to  be  able  to  put  those  barriers.  And  I  think  it's  needed.  And  it  fair  that  those  barrier  exists  to  make  sure  the  system  stay  resilient  and  safe  for  clients.” – Stephane

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